The Queen Collection

Join us for a collection of short stories and novellas celebrating strong and passionate women! All the books are live!

Heavy is the head…….

Indulge in kick ass women, queens that take no shit, and the worlds where they rule. Heavy is the head that wears the crown… but the heart is really whats in jeopardy.

Princess Rosalie is Determined

Determined to keep her mother’s focus off of her.
Determined to make the last day of the Springtide Celebration the best one yet.
And oh so determined to make the Summer Prince Samuel one of her consorts.
No matter what Gage, Kieran, and Thomas think of him.

This Springtide, join Rosalie and her men as they set in to motion
events that will change the Fae Realm forever.

This is not a Reverse Harem Romance. This is a Tragedy,
That will change the Spring Court’s sweet Princess into a cold and calculating Queen.

( This is a prequel set 50 years before the start of the A Sprinkling of Fae Series)

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