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  • Happy New Year!

    So, 2020 is upon us. And as everyone else looks back, my thoughts go there as well. 2021 was a year of failures for me, haha. I think the only piece of work I actually published was a few chapters for a Kindle Vella story to see if Kindle Vella is something worth investing in. […]

  • Halloween is Coming!

    Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, if you don’t count Thanksgiving that is. I love a holiday where you don’t have to buy gifts or go all out, just the chance to bring delicious food and hangout is really all I could ask for. But that’s getting me off topic. (We can save that thought […]

  • Inciting Fire

    I’m so excited to be diving back into my Elemental Alchemy Series. It has been almost two years since I’ve added to this series. It almost feels like a new series, since I’m having to immerse myself back into these characters and their world. I can’t wait to share this story with all the readers […]

  • A Destroyed Earth Universe

    My two new series are set in a distant future on Earth when Monsters have taken over and God has turned his back on humanity or so it seems. The human government has fallen and now each district is ruled by a different monster; shifter, demon, vampire, etc. The two series will coincide with each […]

  • Literary Love Savannah 2020

    Have you been planning and saving for the Romance Book Conventions or signings for 2020? Take a minute and consider adding LLS 2020 to your planner. Last year, I tried this Con for my first as an Author and also my first as a reader. And it was freaking fantastic! I was honestly really nervous […]

  • Virgo Falling

    Coming December 31st, When Stars Align: A Zodiac Anthology. My short story is co-written with the talented Trina Bates. Virgo Falling, takes place on an Alternate Earth where humans and supernaturals live openly and the Goddesses they worship are each of the Zodiacs. Each supernatural born under a Goddesses’s month receives their traits and powers. […]

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