The Elemental Alchemy Series

Starting over, Adaline Stumbles into a world she didn’t know existed. Unlocking powers inside herself and finding two charming guys who’ve been waiting for her.

But discovery isn’t painless and an aether’s allure can be a very heavy burden.

A Sprinkling of Fae Series

Snow melts. Flowers wilt. The cycle never ends. War leaves destruction. Monarchies fall. Death is necessary. For a new season to begin.

Welcome to Fairy!

In the A Sprinkling of Fae Universe

Spring has come.

But so has war.


Timeline: Set 50 years before The Winter Court

The magic that calls to my family is hard to escape once it’s allowed to take hold.
It’s a line I’ve been told not to cross all my life.

And yet,
that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Earthly Realm
Timeline: Set between the Spring Court and the Summer Court

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