Literary Love Savannah 2020

Have you been planning and saving for the Romance Book Conventions or signings for 2020? Take a minute and consider adding LLS 2020 to your planner. Last year, I tried this Con for my first as an Author and also my first as a reader. And it was freaking fantastic! I was honestly really nervousContinue reading “Literary Love Savannah 2020”

Virgo Falling

Coming December 31st, When Stars Align: A Zodiac Anthology. My short story is co-written with the talented Trina Bates. Virgo Falling, takes place on an Alternate Earth where humans and supernaturals live openly and the Goddesses they worship are each of the Zodiacs. Each supernatural born under a Goddesses’s month receives their traits and powers.Continue reading “Virgo Falling”

The Chill of Winter

Coming out December 19th in the Dreadful Spells & Jingle Bells: Paranormal Christmas Anthology. The Chill of Winter centers around a witch named Fionnula or Finn as the annoying alpha wolf Jackson likes to call her. She agrees to spend a few days getting to know his pack so she can decide if she wantsContinue reading “The Chill of Winter”