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I write Reverse Harem Fantasy. I love the idea that the FMC will not have to choose between her love interests, and she can have multiple partners that fulfill different needs. Add that to a killer fantasy world with a awesome story and I’m hooked.

My Reading List order:

Reverse Harem Book Series list

Elemental Alchemy Series
Discovering Aether (Book 1)
Breathing Air (Book 2)
Inciting Fire (Coming Soon)

A Sprinkling of Fae Series
Rosalie’s Springtide(Part of the Queen Collection for LLS)(Prequel to A Sprinkling of Fae Series)
*You don’t have to read the prequel to enjoy the series, it’s set 50 years before Book 1*
The Winter Court (Book 1)
The Spring Court (Book 2)
The Summer Court (Coming 2021)

*A Destroyed Earth Universe*

*Call Me Jack Series
Deal with the Devil(Book 1)

*Call Me Neps Series
Waning Souls (Book 1, Coming April 30th)

*Chronological Reading Order*
Deal with the Devil
Waning Souls

RH Standalones

Goddess Of Prophecy (Part of a shared world with other authors called Blood Moon Rising)

Author Emily James Taylor

I Live in North Carolina with my Husband and Son. Also with, our big and handsome mixed Orange Tabby named Charlie, and our sassy brown classic Maine Coon, Alice. Plus a couple hermit crabs, one I’m sure is molting away in a tunnel as you read this.

My Likes and Dislikes because Why Not?


Lemonade, Eastern NC BBQ(yes, Vinegar), Sushi & Ramen, The Black Licorice Pieces in a Jujyfruits box, Fried Okra, Hoodies, Chapstick, Digging through my old VHS tapes trying to gauge my mood as my Husband tells me in the background to just stream something (Nope I’ll just pop in Brigadoon), The Alien Movies Franchise, Willie Nelson, Liv Tyler, A Mixed Playlist of different genre’s of 90s music, Milkshakes, Potatoes


Ketchup, Most Milk Chocolate (I can handle two Oreos in a sitting though, I’m really proud of that), Cake (especially the icing), The Beach, Mowing the lawn (I wish everyone could say oh that’s nice but have you seen my weed garden)

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