Happy New Year!

So, 2022 is upon us. And as everyone else looks back, my thoughts go there as well.

2021 was a year of failures for me, haha. I think the only piece of work I actually published was a few chapters for a Kindle Vella story to see if Kindle Vella is something worth investing in. That’s right I only accomplished something that I’m still adding stuff to and that I’m still figuring out. I have a bunch of manuscripts that aren’t quite finished that should have been put out by now. And a lot of deadlines that went by unmet.

My focus this year was not on my work but instead on family issues and sickness as well as getting settled into a new city after my move. Which in a way makes the year not a failure for my personal life but for my professional one. I have a hard time putting my goals first.

So on that note, going forward. I need to learn no. I need to keep a freaking schedule, haha. And I need to figure out a way to take care of myself as well as completing things that I want to in my professional life instead of only being only able to do one or the other.

Are any of you guys goal-setters when the new year comes around? Or do you constantly find ways to improve throughout the year? Maybe you honestly don’t care to set goals, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.

Anyways back to looking ahead, I am definitely focusing on continuing my different book series. All of them need at least one new book added. Perhaps I will continue to add more chapters to Kindle Vella and complete the story even if the platform continues to be a dead one. I will at the very least have completed a project that I can celebrate. Crossing my fingers Amazon actually does more with it. I have an idea for a podcast that I want to put out in the world, and hopefully, I can continue to focus on building social platforms. I do have a hard time keeping up with those. I’m not good at constantly posting, and I am always wowed by the people who know how to juggle it all.

So here’s to 2022, the first year post the Talented Betty White(I will miss that legend). I feel like we should mark the calendars that way from now on. Let’s celebrate the victories and maybe just forget the things we wish we did because what we did do matters. Even if a lot of it was spent relaxing on the couch enjoying movie marathons, that makes for good relaxing memories.

Do you have goals or things you want to change moving forward? I would love to hear about it so please comment below. And again Happy New Years Guys!!! I’m ready to see what the year holds for us.

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