Kindle Vella (Yep I’m Giving It A Try)

Raise your hand if you have even heard anything about it?

Kindle Vella seems to be Amazon’s try at the serialized story app market. Amazon hasn’t done much in the way of marketing for this new reading option, it still seems to be in a beta testing phase even though it is technically live. Only authors based in the US can try it right now, and only those readers. It allows the readers the chance to try out the stories, since the first three episodes are free and then they can finish the story by buying tokens. (A interesting new way to pay for things on Amazon, and a tad confusing at first since each book episode can be a different token amount depending on the word count of the episode. I’m curious how many readers will be happy with having to do this?)

I have heard different things, from Authors who have completely given up on Vella already, saying it doesn’t seem to be catching on or Amazon isn’t giving it the attention it deserves and from some Authors who are still willing to give it a shot and hoping if they get in on it now when it finally gains traction, they will have enough work out to get readers attention when they finally start heading that way.

I’ve decided to give it a go. Do I think It’s going to help make me a success, no, not really. But hopefully when it finally has all its kinks worked out and it goes out to a larger audience, there will finally be some traction.

It seems Serialized Stories is definitely back, thanks to everyone’s love of binging and how easily accessible this old tried and true method of releasing stories is now. (Radish and Wattpad, I’m talking about you.)

I have some stories that have taken a back seat while I focus on the series I need to finish. Some, I’ve really looked over and I don’t know if I can make them into a successful series of eBooks and paperbacks, but they have just enough that I can give serial readers a satisfying story that they can follow and enjoy until its on to the next. Honestly, I also need to up my word count. I’m such a slow writer, I know. I think Vella will give me the opportunity to get some ideas out of my head each week so I can focus on finishing what I need to, plus knowing I want to schedule each episode to go live weekly will push me and get me use to a higher world count each day.

I think that yes, even though for most every Writer and Author, publishing our stories is a business, one that we all work hard at. I also believe we still really just want our stories out there for new audiences to pick up and enjoy. So I think this is could be my chance or others’ as well to put out stories we don’t think will get much traction but would still love to see out there. Maybe it will be surprise and actually be a hit. And then I could do what many plan and when the episodes are finish, unpublish them after 30 days and put them out as regular books and series for other readers to enjoy. If not, still I think I’m going to enjoy this ride and see what happens.

Are there any authors reading this who are giving Vella a shot? Or any readers? Comment below I would love to hear your opinions on this new app.

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