Hey all!

I am finishing up Waning Souls and Call Me Jack Book 2. Hopefully I can release these books over the next few months and get them out to you guys. I also have plans to work on Book 3 in both my Elemental Alchemy Series and A Sprinkling of Fae series, so I can end this long year on a good note.

I’m also trying to finish a video of some author recommendations from fellow RH Authors, for new releases and some that are coming soon. As well as a few Dark reads and Slow burn reads that don’t get a ton of attention, maybe you all can find some new books to add to your TBR’s.

I’m curious if there are are other genres or tropes, readers would like me to gather? These are for titles that are in the Reverse Harem Romance category. Comment below, and I will put something together for you guys.

Thanks for following me on this journey, and subscribe to this blog, so you can get updates on all my series and maybe find some new RH Authors to follow as well. 🙂

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