A Destroyed Earth Universe

Coming Oct 30th 2020
Coming March 31st 2021

My two new series are set in a distant future on Earth when Monsters have taken over and God has turned his back on humanity or so it seems. The human government has fallen and now each district is ruled by a different monster; shifter, demon, vampire, etc.

The two series will coincide with each other as one FMC tries to create the apocalypse that needs to happen and the other creates more chaos on earth so she can sidle up closer to her long time crush Lucifer. Both are Reverse Harem romances.

These series are a look at the ‘savior’ complex from a reluctant fallen angel who doesn’t want God to be angry at her anymore and the drunken fiend who tries to figure out where her morals and allegiance lie, since the dead still have an impact, herself included.

I can’t wait to share this new universe with everyone. The first book for Call Me Jack is all about the dead drunk who’s Lucifer’s favorite side kick. Deal with the Devil comes out October 30th, preorder now!

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