Literary Love Savannah 2020

Have you been planning and saving for the Romance Book Conventions or signings for 2020? Take a minute and consider adding LLS 2020 to your planner.

Last year, I tried this Con for my first as an Author and also my first as a reader. And it was freaking fantastic! I was honestly really nervous and well, the infamous impostor syndrome reared its ugly head on my way there. Stella Price and her amazing helpers for the event, plan for months to set up this con just for readers and they accept any author new and old to come and share their worlds they’ve created. And even though I had been informed about how welcoming this event was, I was still worried as someone new on the scene if I was ready and if they were really happy to have me there participating.

When I got there, my sister and I went to register and get my lanyard holding my name card that said I was an author attending. The nerves were high, and I felt like fish out of water. But it lasted all of 5 seconds, and then some readers and authors I had chatted with online that were hanging around the bar and lobby waved hello to me. I chatted a few minutes, went outside to grab a smoke before I got my room and ran into some more people to hang out with. It happened fast, the nerves settled down and I met so many people that shared the same love for genres and books I did.

I participated in some parties, dressed up for and decorated a table for the ball and even got to speak on a panel. Yes, the nerves came back fast for each new event I tried but everything was filled with people who were just as excited as I was to be there.

When it comes down to it, these events are for the readers and it really felt like this event had something for every interest. You don’t have to try everything, there could be two or three things going on at once but the options to choose from was wonderful. There was two signings, one open to the public and one that was open to just the con participants but unlike other book cons that was not the main focus. It was the conversations, relationships and all the extras it offers. The friendships built while hanging out late on the patio or over board games after the ball on Saturday night. Talking to a new author and other readers seated at meals together. It was a get together in a hotel suite with two other authors and 12 readers, snacking and discussing what they loved about the Fae series we were gathered for and how the Convention was going so far. It built connections that I hope last for a long time. It might have also been where I got my first tattoo, lol.

I was told over and over again last year how loved this Con was and how so many plan to attend again and again. And after experiencing it, I can definitely see why.

So if you are looking for a Convention that’s worth every cent and focuses on you the reader. LLS is the one for you.

This year the meal tables are literary themed, and the ball is called Fairy Tales, the Darkness and the light. And I can’t wait to plan my costume. I’m participating in a Faerie cupcake party, and Reverse Harem Waffle breakfast and a party for The Queen Collection, I’m in this year. But there’s a few events I’m definitely going to attend as a reader as well. If you want more info check out the eventbrite for tickets and also the facebook reader group. I hope to see you there!


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