Virgo Falling

Coming December 31st, When Stars Align: A Zodiac Anthology.

My short story is co-written with the talented Trina Bates. Virgo Falling, takes place on an Alternate Earth where humans and supernaturals live openly and the Goddesses they worship are each of the Zodiacs. Each supernatural born under a Goddesses’s month receives their traits and powers. Centaurs, giant scorpions and Sea Goats make up this world just to name a few.

This story follows Virgo as she travels to the Zodiac Earth undercover as a Supernatural detective looking into the disappearances of three of her sister goddesses. Will she be able to uncover what has happened to them or will the powerful force behind what is happening begin toying with her instead?

This short story is an introduction to a new series that will leave you begging for more. Check it out, and the other amazing stories from this wonderful collection of Authors. Available on Amazon to buy and read though the Kindle Unlimited program. link:

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