The Chill of Winter

Coming out December 19th in the Dreadful Spells & Jingle Bells: Paranormal Christmas Anthology.

The Chill of Winter centers around a witch named Fionnula or Finn as the annoying alpha wolf Jackson likes to call her. She agrees to spend a few days getting to know his pack so she can decide if she wants to enter into the pact between witches and wolves or finally tell him and his pack to take a hike. Protection and the chance to be cared for in exchange for her services of healing and magic sounds nice. But a witch used to being shunned from society doesn’t need the resources they can offer, she just wants them to back off. Agreeing to a few days of chit chat and a holiday get together is fine and dandy if it means she can be left alone in the end.

But The Charismatic Alpha wolf gets under her skin, and slowly but surely starts to claw his way into her heart. Will she be able to walk away when she finally gets the acceptance she’s been craving ? Or will outside forces bring them closer together as the future she thought she wanted feels empty and unsatisfying in the face of danger and heartbreak.

This story and so many others will give you the paranormal holiday romances you been craving. Pre-order today. link:

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