πŸŒ’A Fallen angel with three personalitiesπŸŒ’

Check list:

The Blind Dragon assigned to babysit me β˜‘οΈ

A Golem, A Werewolf, and a Child under my wings β˜‘οΈ

A Sword blessed with Raphael’s Powers β˜‘οΈ

Attending Astaroth’s party (under duress) β˜‘οΈ

Next Up:

πŸ”³ FINDING where the human souls are ending up because even the Devil doesn’t know.

πŸ”³ DESTROYING the world because someone has to. (Eternity is boring anyways)

Coming Soon!

Catch Up With Jack.

Set in the Same Universe as Waning Souls. Follow Jack as she gathers men round her and the world falls apart, even if she may be the cause for some of it. After all she’s the Devil’s Queen for a reason.

No Tome Unturned my New Podcast is Coming Soon!

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